Water Treatment

We specialize in residential and light commercial water treatment installations featuring the versatility and fine tuned design of Clack WS series control valves.

Installation of:

  • Water softeners

  • Acid neutralizer conditioning equipment

  • Iron removal conditioning equipment

  • Nitrate removal conditioning equipment

  • Ultra violet water purifiers (bacteria removal) conditioning equipment

  • Arsenic removal systems

  • Systems to remove bad odors from well water

  • Water treatment systems for unusual water treatment problems

Serving all of Hunterdon County, NJ and beyond.

Determining Causes and Solutions of Water Conditioning Problems

Symptoms/Cause/Method of Treatment

  • Soap deposits on dishes and (dissolved calcium in magnesium water) clothing. Soap curd in sinks and bath tubs. Scale build-up in water heaters, plumbing and on fixtures. Clothes look gray and unclean/Hardness, Hard Water/Metered Water Softener

  • Blue-green stains and corrosion (pH less then 6.5) on fixtures, plumbing and appliances that use water. Fixtures and dishes will begin pitting/Acidic Water/Acid Neutralizer

  • Yellow, redish brown, rusty or black stainson fixtures, plumbing and appliances that use water. Metallic taste. Water is generally clear when drawn, but turbidity appears when left standing. (clear water iron-ferrous). Water with tint when drawn (red water iron-ferric).Iron / Manganese Charger Iron Breaker III

  • Rotten egg odor, staining or rusting of plumbing. Silver tarnishes on contact with water/Hydrogen Sulfide/Charger Iron Breaker III

  • Stomach ache/ Dysentery, positive coliform, e-coli/Viqua UV Disinfection

  • Arsenic, analysis above 5ug/L /Arsenic Present/ Arsenic Filter

  • Volatile organics, analysis above limit VOC's Present/Carbon Treatment Filter

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