When the well's dry, 
  we know the worth of water"
                -Benjamin Franklin


company pride

Since 1886, The Samuel Stothoff Company has been bringing people and water together. Some of the people we serve today are the great grandchildren of our original customers. And, as move toward a new century, employees who have been with us for twenty and even thirty years work side by side with a new generation of talent, transferring knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, professional pride.

Pride has always been the driving force behind Samuel Stothoff achievements. We are proud of our creativity; we have built our reputation by finding innovative solutions to the most challenging jobs. We are proud of our responsiveness; we know that relationships are sealed or broken in times of emergency. We are proud of the sophistication and versatility of our equipment; we have a dedicated, on-site mechanic to make certain that the wheels are ready to roll when we are.

But we have an even more fundamental source of pride. Water. Everyone needs water, and we know how to get it to them. As pollution becomes an ever-increasing threat, our role in environmental investigation becomes more valuable. When you splash tap water on your face; when an emergency sprinkler system is activated; when an industrial process enters its rinse cycle; our skill and sound planning are there - a daily tribute to what we do best.

Remember, most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about good wells or good water. But a poorly planned water system will definitely catch your attention, one way or another.


Sam Stothoff
Richard Stothoff